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#LiveWithFire May 22, 2013

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Live with fire



I work yesterday in a studio in midtown and every time I went out to do various and sundry things, i.e. go to the bathroom I past this sign.  At first the the big Life is a Team Sport caught my eye which I thought was fantastic.  But then I noticed the #Live With Fire. Now I know it is covered by computers ( I was unable to move then for the picture) but I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s akin to the thought that I regularly say, Play full out!  Though there is something about #LiveWithFire that has an air of hunger and of passion for me!  So I am asking myself how can I #LiveWithFire in ways that I’m not doing.  Where am I not showing up completely? What can you today to #LiveWithFire!  Have fun with it!!

I think it’s going to be my new favorite saying!  Thank you Location 5 studios!


Living with Fire!!



2 Responses to “#LiveWithFire”

  1. Xsi Says:

    I really have to learn to live with fire. My dry and boring days don’t bring me the joy I’d need.

  2. Ohhh honey!! Start by doing one joyful treat for yourself today!! Have fun with it!!!

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