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#LiveWithFire May 22, 2013

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Live with fire



I work yesterday in a studio in midtown and every time I went out to do various and sundry things, i.e. go to the bathroom I past this sign.  At first the the big Life is a Team Sport caught my eye which I thought was fantastic.  But then I noticed the #Live With Fire. Now I know it is covered by computers ( I was unable to move then for the picture) but I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s akin to the thought that I regularly say, Play full out!  Though there is something about #LiveWithFire that has an air of hunger and of passion for me!  So I am asking myself how can I #LiveWithFire in ways that I’m not doing.  Where am I not showing up completely? What can you today to #LiveWithFire!  Have fun with it!!

I think it’s going to be my new favorite saying!  Thank you Location 5 studios!


Living with Fire!!



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