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What are the 2 main contributors to a relationships success! February 24, 2012

It has taken me a long time to get to this point in relationships…  Like every woman I have had my fair share of learning situations.  I have had some great and some not so great but I have been blessed to take away some wonderful little nuggets of learning from every partnering.  I have had everything from the boyfriend who cheated so atrociously that he had a child and even married another woman while we were together. To what I have now… each day is so wonderful that I am left breathless by his soulful generosity to everyone… I love that I have taken every opportunity to learn something of what I have wanted verses focusing on the “bad” and in turn creating an obstacle in my path. Nothing could be better than learning how to love myself more and more with each opportunity.  Knowing that what I am feeling is valuable yet Everyone learns and communicates differently and figuring out how your partner does that is so important in the longevity of a relationship. All the while not forgetting the love you have for yourself.  I can’t stress enough that the love of your life starts with you!

What are the 2 main contributors to a relationships success?  It’s when you love yourself unconditionally and when you have the ability to stay in the moment.  These are the 2 main relationship issues that can catch us up if they aren’t being acknowledged . When you notice that you are stuck in an unhealthy pattern, it tends to be one or both of these 2 theories that aren’t being supported. So then you can ask yourself, if any of the following of my 10 Steps aren’t being observed, So then you can come back to love and step away from fear and breathe into the moment. Today I am only going to talk about the first tenant. You’ll have to get me E-book to read the rest!


1) Continue to foster the love for yourself. : By releasing judgment of yourself and others.

For when you can love yourself, flaws and all you can love your partner more completely for who they are. I think that a definition is in order, “to judge: [verb] to form an opinion or conclusion about.” That said a judgment is about a connection to the outcome, about making another person wrong and you correct. This now stated the question remains… How do you release judgment in order to allow things to be exactly what they are? One way might be to examine where the judgment comes from. What value is important to you that is being threatened? This can definitely all be a challenge but by looking at the 10 steps you are given an outline. As don Miguel Ruiz states , ”The real us is pure love; we are Life”


Love and Pink Light




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