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The little things…. November 15, 2013

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You know how people say, “Enjoy the little things.” Well… I actually think that it is those little things that make all the difference and that they are not so little. Like…. a new pair of sneakers or buying yourself flowers or a sunny day after a lot of rain. This is assuming that they are just things, not big monumental moments in ones life…. But who’s to say that these “little things” don’t shift the regular moments in ones life to add more happiness so that the big moments can occur more often! So don’t knock those “little things” they may not be so little after all!

Today my little thing is,  a sunny warm day!

And what goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway…. everyone’s treasure is different, So hold those little things close to your heart because you never know how it may grow into something pretty great!





Acceptance…. November 5, 2010

I was very blessed last week to address a group of wonderful individuals at a seminar at which I spoke about staying in the moment.  And after I started with the first check in of; “Stop! Where are you right now? And What’s really going on?” Then I brought out the big guns but to blog about the entire theory would give away all the goods. So one would actually have to come to my seminar 😀 but suffice it to say it’s a very Eckhart Tolle/Marianne Williamson/Buddhist  theory….. There are only 3 ways to be in the moment. One can either Love it, Enjoy it or Accept it.

Now the last one was the hardest pill for most to swallow and that’s completely understandable. It can be a tough one but only if we make it. Choice is everything!  We all know by now with everything that’s been written that when someone else is raging or yelling that it has nothing to do with us but it can affect us if we let it.  Because if we struggle or fight with them or the situation, what do we have? More struggle and fight.  So this is where by accepting the moment and allowing it to be exactly what it is. One is able to stay in the moment and remain neutral.  Then by stepping aside we are able to move forward.  It is a bit like the willow that bends with the raging wind rather than the Might Oak that is taken down by the same wind.  Which one are you?

I talk a lot about allowing things to be what they are.  I am not saying to lay down and give up. I am saying to make peace, be at one not struggle….allow. Being gentle is all part of accepting. Accepting of oneself, others and the moment.

Because as we know, this moment is the only moment we will ever have….. and then it’s gone. Which is why it’s even more beautiful.


Love and Light



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