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The little things…. November 15, 2013

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You know how people say, “Enjoy the little things.” Well… I actually think that it is those little things that make all the difference and that they are not so little. Like…. a new pair of sneakers or buying yourself flowers or a sunny day after a lot of rain. This is assuming that they are just things, not big monumental moments in ones life…. But who’s to say that these “little things” don’t shift the regular moments in ones life to add more happiness so that the big moments can occur more often! So don’t knock those “little things” they may not be so little after all!

Today my little thing is,  a sunny warm day!

And what goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway…. everyone’s treasure is different, So hold those little things close to your heart because you never know how it may grow into something pretty great!





Accepting gifts… December 16, 2011

I wrote about “Giving” in my last blog post… But with every giver there must be a receiver, that’s the way the Universe works: Reciprocity.  And for life to remain in balance we must have balance between the two.  If we give more of our energy to just one then life and the Universe will become unbalanced.  If we want to be a giver we also must be a receiver with JOY and GRATITUDE!  So when someone gives you something as innocuous to you as a compliment, but how do you receive it?  With a resounding thank you or a retort?  How do you accept gifts? What do you feel/think when it happens?  How able to simply say thank you with genuineness? If we balk at something received or give with obligation we add to the imbalance of things.

What kind of receiver do you want to be this season? Being able to say an emphatic “Thank You!” is a wonderful start to gift receiving. There will be a never-ending stream of abundance coming from you and to you!  As I say , “Thank You!” to you for taking time to read this post!! How wonderful is this time of year as a reminder of gift giving and our own personal gifts!

How can you make it last throughout the year?

Love and Pink Light



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