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Being Alone… October 7, 2012

In the past few weeks the topic of being “alone” has been a big one!  There is a difference from being alone vs. lonely.  We all have moments through out our lives when we feel lonely but alone is very different matter. I’ve been known to say, “You can’t find the love of your life until you become the love of your life.” If we feel alone and do everything we can to avoid our own company we won’t be very good company for someone else.  And in turn if you are entering a relationship so that you don’t have to be alone then you are not at your optimal….  Which is 2 people coming together at their greatest so that they can grow together.  Because of this I am re-posting a blog post from 2010.

Here is a video that has recently gone viral on Facebook. I immediately feel in love with it!!!!! When I started to listen to it I recognized the voice as Tanya Davis’ who also created another über favorite of mine “ART”….. Take a look-see.



Lots of Love!



Alone vs. Lonely February 7, 2011

We live in a coupling society… So I ask you how does one go through it alone with out feeling lonely? When is it good simply to be alone? There comes a point in time where everyone hears from all sides, be it friends and family and even people that we don’t know, “Why are you not in a relationship? Your so wonderful?” And then we start wondering if there is something wrong with us because we aren’t coupled.

So I invite you to look at yourself… Actually I challenge you to look deeply. How do you treat yourself and others around you? Are you as anabolic as you can be? Meaning: How joyful, loving, Compassionate and Passionate about you and those around you. “Absolute Passion is the highest for of Consciousness” Hence you treat yourself and others with the utmost love and respect! So as you are out and about living your most authentic life you meet your mate that resonates with who you are. So I’m saying in terms of being alone and happy verses being lonely look within… How anabolic are you?


Love and Pink Light



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