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Being Alone… October 7, 2012

In the past few weeks the topic of being “alone” has been a big one!  There is a difference from being alone vs. lonely.  We all have moments through out our lives when we feel lonely but alone is very different matter. I’ve been known to say, “You can’t find the love of your life until you become the love of your life.” If we feel alone and do everything we can to avoid our own company we won’t be very good company for someone else.  And in turn if you are entering a relationship so that you don’t have to be alone then you are not at your optimal….  Which is 2 people coming together at their greatest so that they can grow together.  Because of this I am re-posting a blog post from 2010.

Here is a video that has recently gone viral on Facebook. I immediately feel in love with it!!!!! When I started to listen to it I recognized the voice as Tanya Davis’ who also created another über favorite of mine “ART”….. Take a look-see.



Lots of Love!



What a move can do… August 17, 2012

I moved out of NYC a few weeks ago and now everything is either unpacked or put into storage… My move was quiet smooth as far as moves go… Now it’s nose to the proverbial grind stone.  That said I’ve had so many mixed emotions since I have left.  On one hand I have definitely doubted my choice which for me is very rare.  Once I make a decision I have made it. No doubts.  On the other bigger hand I have Loved my new world.  This move involved the biggest heart expanding of all (moving closer to the man who I Love)… I’ve been a little scared.  In the past all my choices and decisions have all been for and about me.  No one else was involved. I know that sounds selfish but being single has allowed me that luxury.  But not this time… Someone else is very much involved.  So I’ve been more aware of ways of keeping peace and simply allowing as my center goal.  I walk a lot and meditate a lot and ride my bike a lot, which I did today saying “Good Morning” joyfully to all my neighbors and running errands!! This is a reminder that though we have absolute choice over everything we think and feel not everything is about us :-).  Allowing for love and communication between two people who love each other is one of the largest growing experiences for a person to have.  I knew that I had done a Lot of work to get to where I was and that I wanted to grow more by being involved with another who had done the same because the growth opportunity would be endless.  I chose Love not fear…

As I say to my clients,”How does taffy become yummy?…. All the pulling and yanking”.  Hence we are like that taffy. The choices we make about our feelings and situations make us into what we are.  And we know that it isn’t always that comfortable. So I know I want to be as yummy as possible…

So bring on the taffy pull!





Attracting a man or a woman… January 31, 2012

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I regularly talk to my clients about what it means to attract a man or a woman… What kind of attraction do they want or for that fact what kind of a human do they want.  I mean I could be glib and say to a woman, “A good push up bra! Since men are so visual!”  But I’m not glib and not all men like big boobs…. I think.  Or I could say to a man, “Work on your butt! Since most woman like a nice bum.”  But again… not glib.  In all honesty the Most attractive person is the one who loves themselves and exudes a serene sense of confidence.  Confidence is the best make-up or cologne any person could wear.  This is why I say a true love for ones self can do this.  It is not a false bravado or arrogance but a calm kindness towards self.  Looking within is the only place to go to see your true beauty and not going for the outer and superficial idea of what’s attractive.


So what can you do to bolster your sense of self love?  What do you so to feel confident? What helps you feel strong… on the inside?


Love and Pink Light



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