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Attracting a man or a woman… January 31, 2012

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I regularly talk to my clients about what it means to attract a man or a woman… What kind of attraction do they want or for that fact what kind of a human do they want.  I mean I could be glib and say to a woman, “A good push up bra! Since men are so visual!”  But I’m not glib and not all men like big boobs…. I think.  Or I could say to a man, “Work on your butt! Since most woman like a nice bum.”  But again… not glib.  In all honesty the Most attractive person is the one who loves themselves and exudes a serene sense of confidence.  Confidence is the best make-up or cologne any person could wear.  This is why I say a true love for ones self can do this.  It is not a false bravado or arrogance but a calm kindness towards self.  Looking within is the only place to go to see your true beauty and not going for the outer and superficial idea of what’s attractive.


So what can you do to bolster your sense of self love?  What do you so to feel confident? What helps you feel strong… on the inside?


Love and Pink Light



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