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The Who of You… December 6, 2010

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How do you want to show up in a relationship? We all have stuff. The older we get the more we have. I would hope so. That means we’ve lived. It’s How we show up, that is the question that I have…. Is it with Loving kindness and compassion or is it stuck and immovable? How do you show up in the world? There are so many books out there telling us as woman what to do and not do to “get” a man verses simply being our authentic selves. Same goes for men because they love “bitches” don’t ya know. But in actuality we all don’t have to be anything other than Who we organically are… that goofy, awkward, gorgeous whoever we are, self.

You know that old saying, “If it’s the right relationship you can’t do anything wrong and if it’s the wrong relationship, you can’t do anything right” Now I don’t speak in right or wrongs (because it just is) but there is some validity to this expression. If you are living in your authentic shoes so to speak, it really doesn’t matter what you do because you are living compassionately towards yourself and others. Hence living a full authentic life when the person comes along that fits just so the puzzle pieces will fit together!

Love and Light


TED Talk Worth Sharing November 23, 2010

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I watched this TED Talk quiet awhile ago but recently watched it again and I think it’s Spectacular!!! I believe that there is a purpose to be found in everything. And in that axiom, there is freedom of choice. We are able to choose the high, the healthier, the more anabolic choice!! One that will keep us well and healthy and get us through anything.

Love and Light!


Random Acts of Culture! November 22, 2010

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What a wonderful way to start the Thanksgiving week! I happen to LOVE the groups that break out in spontaneous dance in public… like Grand Central Station in NYC and other public venues. So when this Youtube clip came across my desk I had to share it… How wonderful it this!!!

Love and Light


Acceptance…. November 5, 2010

I was very blessed last week to address a group of wonderful individuals at a seminar at which I spoke about staying in the moment.  And after I started with the first check in of; “Stop! Where are you right now? And What’s really going on?” Then I brought out the big guns but to blog about the entire theory would give away all the goods. So one would actually have to come to my seminar 😀 but suffice it to say it’s a very Eckhart Tolle/Marianne Williamson/Buddhist  theory….. There are only 3 ways to be in the moment. One can either Love it, Enjoy it or Accept it.

Now the last one was the hardest pill for most to swallow and that’s completely understandable. It can be a tough one but only if we make it. Choice is everything!  We all know by now with everything that’s been written that when someone else is raging or yelling that it has nothing to do with us but it can affect us if we let it.  Because if we struggle or fight with them or the situation, what do we have? More struggle and fight.  So this is where by accepting the moment and allowing it to be exactly what it is. One is able to stay in the moment and remain neutral.  Then by stepping aside we are able to move forward.  It is a bit like the willow that bends with the raging wind rather than the Might Oak that is taken down by the same wind.  Which one are you?

I talk a lot about allowing things to be what they are.  I am not saying to lay down and give up. I am saying to make peace, be at one not struggle….allow. Being gentle is all part of accepting. Accepting of oneself, others and the moment.

Because as we know, this moment is the only moment we will ever have….. and then it’s gone. Which is why it’s even more beautiful.


Love and Light



What Pain might you not want to let go of? July 7, 2010

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I have been thinking a lot about pain lately.  Some people and if we are all honest we have all dealt with some kind of pain that we tolerate whether it is a job that we are not quite content with or a relationship that we wish we could hold on to or there is Something that causes us tsuris.  We all stay in these unhealthy situations because we are actually getting something out of them…… they keep us safe. They don’t challenge us to move forward.  Maybe we don’t have to work on that which is causing us difficulty at our job or the relationship that we are in keeps us from being alone.  All of this is completely understandable yet…. we are still in pain. Now imagine a whole beautiful life, pain free!!  Only you can answer the question of what you are getting out of this situation that keeps you “safe”?  Because I wonder how safe are you really?  How is it serving you? And how much lighter will you feel without it?  Once you have answered these questions, understood them and are you able to move towards a healthier you, you are then moving toward the pain free life.

Also in terms of a job or even a relationship when we ask these questions we might find when we stand back we’ll see that our mortgage is getting paid and the kids are getting fed. While we see what we are getting out of a situation we also can see what is good around us and hence the pain seems least ubiquitous. Hence we move by choice and away from the discomfort of the pain so we are able to make conscious choices.

Sending you Love and Light on your journey towards self discovery


The Who of You… May 19, 2010

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When children are little what is one of the first question they are asked?……..”What do you want to be when you grow up?” And I have to confess that I as a coach asked my clients the same question because it tells us an inner passion that may have not been fulfilled and can be explored.

But what I am more interested in is the question, “How do you want to be when you grow up?”  If you were to ask a child or for that fact even an adult “How do you what to be when you grow up?” I doubt they would say overstressed, over worked, cranky, uncommunicative, depressed… you get the idea. They would say Joyful, happy, playful, carefree and Loving. Now doesn’t that sound just beautiful!  I feel even light simply typing those words….. What would happen if we followed “How do you want to be when you grow up?” verses “What do you want to be when you grow up?” How do you think it wold affect your quality of life? Your interaction with people let alone your self?  How magnificent would it be to follow are how which would envelope are what so that everything that we did was led by Joyousness, Playfulness and Love….

My final question to you is…. How do You want to be when you grow up?

Love and Light


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