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Hello Old Friend… July 27, 2018

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted.  When last we spoke it was December 2015 and New Years resolutions was the topic du jour and I set out on a path of being of service to my parents.  So, it was more important to walk the talk of all that I believe, so certain things had to fall by the way side.  I continued to coach but the writing and social media had to take a respite.  Any free time I had went to my parents, my relationship and self-care.  The last of which was a very difficult one to do.


I had spent the last 6 months of my Mother’s life spending equal time between my home and my parents home, helping my Father care for my Mother.  Something I am so glad I was able to do and will always be thankful for the opportunity.  Yet this was a time while I was working with my partner to start a new business venture which opened the month my mother passed away.  Then in December I was required to have my 3rd back surgery (microdiscectomy, fusion and hardware removal) and afterwards my health began to cause me some serious problems and this is where I truly had to stay in the moment and walk the talk. I felt the need to serve everyone before myself to make sure that everyone was cared for before I stopped for the day.


So after my back surgery my body spiralled into a level of pain that I hadn’t known before.  Joe, my partner would touch me and unbearable pain would shoot though my body.  It turns out I had Fibromyalgia that had been triggered by my back surgery.  It’s exacerbated by the cold and we’ve had a couple of very cold winters.  So my neurologist are handling my Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine and Fibromyalgia under the same umbrella. Somehow my umbrella seems to be getting bigger and bigger.


Needless to say this was a time of constantly saying to myself, “Don’t go down a road that isn’t right in front of you, Sarah”.  I was constantly having to take deep breaths.  My self-care was and still is paramount.  My morning meditation, exercise, eating whole foods, acupuncture, looking up and looking out and not getting caught up in the little things were and are more important than ever before. Staying in the moment to stay healthy was my everything!  Two and a half years later I am finally coming around because one can’t be any good to anyone else when they aren’t being good to themselves.  What’s the expression about the oxygen mask on the airplane?  My body doesn’t hurt.  I’ll say it again my body doesn’t hurt.  Which is amazing!


Which leads me to…………. Be good to yourself so you can be good to those around you.  What do you do for your self-care and nurturing?



Energetically yours,





Chronic Pain… March 17, 2015

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imagesI started getting migraines in my mid 20’s.  They were never very bad until I hit my mid 30’s.  When they stared to get atrocious.  I tried everything: diet, reiki, massage, meditation, acupuncture and then finally meds.  Now I consistently use diet, meditation, meds and acupuncture.  (btw I use all of this for dealing with my MS, post back surgeries and during my cancer treatment as well) All this said I have a story to tell you.

When I was first diagnosed with MS I had a neurologist say to me, “If you had diarrhea would you tell everyone?” My response was a loud laugh and an emphatic “No!”  He then said, “If you did everyone one would have the thing that would heal/help you.  Or they had it or they know someone who had it.  All of this is done before you have a chance to figure out exactly how you want to handle it.”  This really struck home for me. So with every diagnosis I have had I have taken awhile to process before I let people know.

I then wasn’t prepared for what people said to me or how they said it.  So I realized that there were 2 different things going on.  1) All of these people were coming from a place of loving me and only wanting the best for me.  So they felt that they had information for me that could possibly help.  This gave me the capabilities to step back and not get wrapped up in the thought that they believed I was doing something wrong.  2)  I also had to look at how I was communicating.  What was I responsible for in this dance.  Was I very vocal… Was I coming from a place of looking for answers?  How I show up is how people respond to me.  There can be a lot of shoulds piled on when people feel they are coming from a place of help.  Be accountable.  Take responsibility for how you are and then go to radical acceptance of yourself and those around you.

So I’m currently hearing a lot of people telling me to do try acupuncture for my migraines which have increased in their frequency if that’s even possible… I have received acupuncture for many years now and LOVE it! So I am reminded that people only want the best for me.  They want to see me well and pain free.  As do I.  They love this health care option as much as I do!  That is what I choose to focus on.  The joint love we all have for being well.







Reminder that I am human… October 30, 2012

I’m sure everyone is thinking that I’m going to bog about hurricane Sandy that hit the eastern seaboard the past couple of days or maybe even this contentious election campaign that’s going on right now… but no.  To start here’s a little back story about me.  As some of you may or may not know I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 11 years ago and to this date I have done very well with no true “Relapses” in all that time. It even stayed away from the stress and side effects when I went through months of cancer treatment.   Yeah I know I was spanked hard in a short period of time…..

That said I have had during this past month my very first relapse since I was diagnosed (I think).  I truly count myself very lucky… With all my meditating and lecturing on  living in the moment I believe I was as prepared as I would ever have been.  There’s more…I also live with migraine.  (I don’t say suffering because as we all know pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.)  My neurologists don’t think that there’s a connection but they can’t say that they’re not connected to my MS.  I have changed my diet, meditate, receive regular acupuncture, swim (due to back surgery 2 years ago), I’ve tried reiki, not taken meds and taken meds.  All this to say that if there is a healthy possibility that it might alleviate my pain, I’ve tried it or do it.  I finally gave in to Botox treatments after regularly living with about 20 migraines a month. (this is the condensed version :-))

Now put that on top of an MS relapse that takes its form of severe vertigo and nausea with excessive Restless Leg Syndrome.  My world has been tossed sideways. I haven’t blogged in a while due to these given circumstances.  I am reminded to be gentle, to keep moving forward. To say no to certain things And to say yes to others.

But now I have to admit that for the first time in my life when I haven’t felt well it was not just me.  There is someone else who is concerned for me.  I have actually felt that “what if…” What if he sees me sick and can’t handle me this way and leaves.  As untrue as I know that to be I still got a little scared.  I have learned to function very well with pain.  I continue to go about my day even though my world is in constant motion.  I am regularly, regularly reminded that so much about life is trusting in oneself. Loving oneself.  I do not live my life as a victim… you know what I mean… the “Why me?!” syndrome.  Or using my wound as the way I am defined…. I call that wound-ology.  My regular response to that is why not me on all fronts.  Why not have great things happen too! With everything it’s a question of choice and how you want to handle it.  There’s that topic again, choice.  I chose to trust and love myself an in turn I chose to trust and love another.  And trust that it will all work itself out in the end. Or right now if it so choses…


I know that there are only great things out there for me and everyone else too! So now that the hurricane has moved on… Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled life.


Lots of Love!!!



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